Activ7 Recovery Oil

Activ7 Recovery Oil
Activ7 Recovery Oil
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Activ7 is a blend of 7 essential oils (camphor, eucalyptus, peppermint, aloe Vera, orange, lemon and rosemary) which can be massaged in to the muscles to reduce post workout soreness by encouraging blood flow and speeding up the recovery process. We have combined 100% naturally moisturizing oils of the highest quality to give you versatile oil that can be used anytime to prepare, compete and recover.



What does the oil do?

Each of the oils has been selected for their unique and natural properties. Throughout history they have been used by many cultures and traditions for their wide ranging therapeutic properties including easing muscle fatigue and everyday muscular aches and pains. The benefits are further enhanced alongside a massage for improving blood flow, releasing muscular tension, relaxing you and helping with the recovery process after exercise or strenuous activity.



  • Massage into muscles and joints
  • 3-5 sprays increasing or decreasing as desired
  • Apply as often as needed
  • Wait 20 minutes to wash area to remove scent if desired



Where do I use the oil?

For maximum benefits spray and massage in to the muscles

  • Anytime to maintain and assist in muscle recover
  • Pre Activity/Workout to invigorate and loosen tight muscles
  • Post Activity/Workout to help speed up the recovery process
  • First thing in the morning to energize and awaken the body
  • After deep tissue massages



What is in the oil?

Aloe Vera

Hydrates and moisturises the skin and encourages skin rejuvenation. Aloe Vera’s natural therapeutic properties maintain a healthy peripheral blood circulatory system, cools, calms and soothes when massaged in to the skin.



Is particularly cooling on the skin due to its menthol and menthone content. When massaged in to muscles and joints it can help ease everyday muscular aches and pains after sports or overexertion. It can also Stimulate and invigorate, energise and provide comfort to overworked



Helps to maintain a healthy respiratory system, healthy airways, supports clear and cool breathing and combats the effect of dry atmospheres.



Has a dual heating and cooling action. It has a natural therapeutic ability to soothe everyday aches and pains in muscles and joints, whilst supporting healthy circulation. It has also been used for easing muscle fatigue.



Is naturally therapeutic and has been used in massage blends for many years. When massaged it has the ability to soothe everyday aches and pains in muscles and joints. Relax tired and overworked muscles. As an addition to this essential oil blend it makes for an excellent



Can support a healthy lymphatic system and support collagen formation. Cooling, soothing and comforting areas when massaged. Orange also has relaxing properties and the ability to cheer you up, make you feel good about yourself and improving self-esteem.



Has been used for supporting a healthy circulatory system. For easing everyday aches and pains, improving the skins texture and condition whilst improving its appearance. It has also been used for cellulite



Before Activity

Warming up can be one of the most important stages of any exercise. Warming up and stretching slowly increase the heart rate, gets the blood circulating around the body and to the muscles which you will be using during exercise. This important activity enables them to perform at their optimum and can help to avoid injury. Activ7 can be messaged in to the muscles to help warm the area, encourage blood flow in to target muscles for exercise or loosen tight and sore areas prior to exercise. This is no substitute for a thorough warm up.


Post Activity

Your muscles have been worked for a prolonged period and need to be warmed down for the recovery process to start. Blood flow carries oxygen, glucose and protein needed for recovery. Increased circulation will also help to remove lactic acid, reducing the likelihood of getting cramp after exercise. Activ7 can be massaged in to your joints and muscles to help with recovery from exercise, and help to soothe any joints and fatigued muscles, allowing you to train again sooner or enjoy your favourite sport.


Self Maintenance

As a new starter to exercise you may have worked muscles that haven’t been used in a while, or as a regular fitness enthusiast you have pushed yourself to the limits, then soreness can last for a few days. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) affects most people who push their muscles to the limit of their ability, causing micro tears in the muscle fibres. The recovery/repair process starts over the following days, growing larger and stronger than they were before the workout. To do this they need protein which is carried to them in your blood. Activ7 can be massaged in to over worked muscle groups to help with this longer term recovery from more severe exercise by soothing the muscles and joints which are in need of repair





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